food allergy: skin prick test

to figure out what is causing k’s eczema, the dermatologist suggested we take her for a skin prick test. you can test one or more food at a time. during the test an allergist uses a small plastic probe or needle and gently pricks or scratches the skin to allow a tiny amount of the solution containing the food allergen to enter just below the surface.

SDltd_k-140929the place we took k to had a room meant for kids with happy colors, a bed and lots of stuffed animals to make it a more comfortable experience for the child but k seemed to have sensed that something was up. as soon as she got into the room she was tense and started to cry. even though there were 60 pricks (which should feel like a finger scratch), they were applied very quickly. k was inconsolable before during and for a good 15 minutes afterwards.

we had to wait 30 minutes after the test and then the allergist came in to read the results. it showed she had a peanut and nut allergy. the results were sent to k’s dermatologist. when we met with him afterwards, he concluded that since k has not eaten nuts yet it isn’t a cause of her eczema.


1. resource: FARE Skin Prick Tests

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