drink: cows milk allergy

in order to completely rule out cow milk as a cause of k’s eczema, the allergist suggested we give k a vegetable based formula instead of a milk/soy based formula for a few weeks. if k’s skin improves then milk may be a cause. if doesn’t improve at all, then it is not a cause for her eczema.

the two brands the allergist suggested was Enfamil Nutramigen or Similac Alimentum. since the ready-to-use Nutramigen formula was more accessible, we picked it up and fed it to k for a little over 2 weeks. unfortunately it showed no improvements in her skin. we were very relieved. for a small part, financially the cost of the cow milk free formula was very expensive.

but the main reason is that if k was allergic to cow milk would rule out her being to enjoy so many foods. we’re so glad that she is not allergic to dairy. now, on to solids!

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