allergy: egg white and the flu

since k is attending daycare, it is expected that she may get sick more often since she’ll be exposed to more people and more germs. this is not necessarily a bad thing because it can help build up her immune system. but we do want to take precaution so it is recommended for babies to get a flu shot because even though we want to build up her immune system, it doesn’t mean we want her to get every kind of sickness!

k started daycare in the middle of winter but flu shots are offered beginning in October. m & i never got the flu shot and we weren’t sure how long flu season was or how long the flu shots are offered. we went to k’s pediatrician and she informed us that it can last through April! so even though she would get the flu shot “late”, it is still worth it to get it.

the only issue we had about getting the flu shot was her food allergy to eggs. flu vaccines are grown in eggs so it may contain a trace amount of the egg protein which cause problems with people with sensitivities to eggs. we consulted k’s allergist about regards to this and it should be okay but to have it administered at a doctor’s office (i.e. not at a pharmacy) so the doctor can check for any immediate reactions to the vaccine. so we had k’s pediatrician give her the flu shot and luckily she did not have any reactions to it. whew!


1. resource KidsHealth: Egg Allergy

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