introducing new foods: potato (organic, please!)

the next vegetable we chose was the potato. potatoes are easy to find, have many ways to prepare and also pairs well with other fruits and vegetables. if anyone (including baby) is suffering from diarrhea *see note 1it can help so there were many reasons for our choice.

it is important to buy organic potatoes when you can as it is a “dirty dozen” vegetable for years *see note 2. luckily it is easy to find and not too expensive. in addition, potatoes may become a vegetable that will be genetically engineered *see note 3.

there are several ways to prepare the potato: 1) bake, 2) boil, 3) steam.

cooking tools

  • to bake: baking pan
  • to boil: small saucepan
  • to steam: steamer

baking is best to save all the nutrients from leaking out but you can boil and steam it as well. leftovers are easy to store so you can easily prepare for multiple days at a time!


1. Everyday Health: Everyday Tips for Living With IBS

2EWG: annual list of the “dirty dozen” of the fruits and vegetables that are recommended to buy organic due to pesticide residue. potato has been on the list for years. here’s the whole list: EWG’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce

3EWG: 2014 Shopper’s Guide To Avoiding GE Food – Watch list: Foods that could be GE

4. nutrition information from:
– Wholesome Baby Food Guide by Margaret Meade
– World’s Healthiest Foods: Potatoes

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