prep: liquid storage

mason jarsfrom Wholesome Baby Food Guide, i learned that when you cook some fruits or vegetables – whether you bake, steam or boil – there is some remaining liquid which has nutrition from the original fruit or vegetable that can be used to prep future dishes.

one of my favorite jam is from Sarabeth’s Kitchen. when i was finished with a jar, it seemed like a shame to throw it away or even to recycle it because the mason jars were nice and durable with thick glass. so i saved them with the hopes of future use.

good thing i did as they came in handy to store the remaining vegetable and/or fruit juices from prepping k’s food. they are durable to endure warm liquid and the metal lids seal the jars tight so i know the liquid will stay fresh.

foods you CAN save juice:

  • green bean
  • sweet peas
  • squashes:
    butternut squash, yellow squash, zucchini
  • sweet potato / yam
  • apple
  • pear
  • parsnip

foods to NOT save juice:

due to nitrates that would seep in cooking water

  • carrots
  • spinach
  • beets
  • cabbage
  • broccoli

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