solids: gathering information – part 1

months 4 and 5 had been focused on finding the root cause of k’s eczema. we spent time visiting the dermatologist and the allergists, following home direction as well as getting and then waiting results allergy tests. therefore we didn’t actually start k on solids until she was a little after 6 months old.


i talked to friends as well as read up on how to start k of solids. the resource i felt most connected to on how i wanted to introduce k to food was the website Wholesome Baby Food by Maggie Meade. her site did so well that she wrote a book, The Wholesome Baby Food Guide so i picked up the book so i could have it handy.

from introducing foods to cooking equipment to food storage to meal planning to recipes … and so much more! there’s so much information – it is truly a handy guide and i use it all of the time.

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