solids: gathering information – part 3

as k’s first solid meal was coming close, i had to make sure i had all the tools ready. here were the pieces i prepared as well as some new tools i added as her food experience continued.




  • i’ve been a fan of OXO products before so i chose the OXO Feeding Spoon with Soft Silicone. the handles were long so it was easy for m & i to handle and it had a soft coating so k wouldn’t hurt herself easily



  • originally i bought the BabyBjörn Soft Bib because i liked how it had a pouch to collect food as it drops but the plastic was inflexible so it was an uncomfortable fit
  • next i tried Frenchie Mini Couture’s Waterproof Bib since they also had a pocket but it was thin plastic so it was flexible, easy to clean and caught food
  • a friend of mine bought these Skip Hop Zoo Bibs that also have a pocket. they were really cute but the only problem was that in some of the designs, the print start flaking off
  • as i needed more bibs to leave at school, i bought a different set so i picked Green Sprouts Wipe-Off Bibs which were cute and easy to clean

feeding chair

  • i couldn’t decide whether i wanted a stand alone seat or a portable one. in the end i wanted one that would save space as well as have the option to bring out if needed. i got the Inglesina Fast Table Chair. it was a good starter seat

cooking tools

  • since baby’s portions are small, especially at the beginning, i wanted a small saucepan so i got the All Clad 0.5 Quart Stainless Steel Butter Warmer which was the perfect size to heat up small portions of vegetables or fruits as well as few days worth of grains (i.e. oat bran, quinoa, etc.)
  • to go with the small saucepan, i got the OXO 3″ mini strainer which fit perfectly above the saucepan

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