first solid!

i talked to other new moms, read The Wholesome Baby Food Guide and looked at the pediatrician’s feeding guide. while cereal is a common first food, we had to be mindful of k’s wheat allergy and we were concerned about arsenic in rice. instead, we decide to start k with a vegetable *read note 1. some vegetables have a sweeter taste, especially the yellow / orange / red color vegetables, so i decided k’s first food would be green!

per The Wholesome Baby Food Guide you shouldn’t introduce new food during the first meal or the last meal. the first meal isn’t ideal since baby is just waking up so s/he may not be up for a new adventure just yet. the last meal isn’t a good time because you want time to detect if baby’s having an allergic reaction to the food. also as it is close to bedtime, you don’t want (if s/he has an allergic reaction) to affect his/her sleep.

since it is baby is just beginning to solids, his/her main source of food is still milk so s/he’ll eat solids only once a day and very little of it. since it is baby’s first introduction to solids, a way to ease her into the transition is to mix the food with milk since it is something s/he is familiar with.

finger tastingsince the whole experience is new, some ways to feed baby is to put a little food:

  • on a feeding spoon and feed him/her with the spoon
  • on your finger and let him/her lick off your finger

initially, the proportions may be 1 to 2 tablespoons grain, vegetable or fruit to 2 to 3 ounces of milk so the meals will be very liquidly. when s/he is more familiar with this or other foods, you can prepare it with saved liquid from food prep or water.


1. resource about first food choice from Parents magazine: How to Make Veggie Purees for Babies

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