feeding schedule: solids 2 times a day

after k recovered from diarrhea, we resumed her introduction to solids. at daycare, we can only bring food that she is not allergic to (so it must have been tried for at least 3 days). since k is in school 4 days a week all day and we were only feeding her 1 meal of solids a day, we were only able to try one new food a week on the days she is home with us. therefore the introduction to solids went rather slow.

so during her second month of solids, we upped her meals to twice a day. once at daycare and once at home after daycare. milk is still the main source of food but we have more opportunities for her to try new foods. upping k’s solid meals to twice a day allows me to try another food after she returns from daycare so she may be able to try two new foods a week. it’s more fun when there are more foods to “play” with – it feels like cooking!

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