introducing new foods: apple

since i was planning to start k on fruits, it might as well be the healthiest of all fruits: the apple! there is such a variety of apples (macintosh, golden delicious, gala, fuji, pink lady, etc.) so which do you choose?

  1. i look for the choices of organic apples because unfortunately, apples have consistently been on the “dirty dozen” list *read note 1.
  2. i look for the type that is less sweet: i.e. Honey Crisp apples are very sweet where as Granny Smith apples have a nice tart flavor. so i started k on Granny Smith apples.

when starting your baby off with apples, it should be cooked. on my first attempt to lightly cook apples, i miscalculated the time so it became apple sauce! the next time i prepared apples, i cooked them for less time and they maintained a little crispiness.

when you are ready to give baby fresh apples, you should follow the 3-day test again because one can be allergic to fresh but not be allergic to cooked. i understand this well as i am allergic to apples but i can eat cooked apples!


1. EWG produces an annual list of the “dirty dozen“, i.e. the fruits and vegetables that are recommended to buy organic due to pesticide residue. apples have been on the dirty dozen list for years and organic apples are easy to find so we usually buy organic only. here’s the whole list: EWG’s Shopper’s Guide to Pesticides in Produce

2. nutrition information from:
– Wholesome Baby Food Guide by Margaret Meade
– World’s Healthiest Foods: Apples

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