introducing new foods: pears

the next fruit we introduced k to is pears. like apples there are a variety of pears to choose from. i knew Comice pears are very sweet so i looked for others. D'anjou and Starkrimson pearspears aren’t the dirtiest of fruits but they aren’t the cleanest either. so i went to our local organic grocer and the ones they had in  stock were the D’anjou, Bosc and Starkrimson pears. the quality of the D’anjou pear was the best that day so i started k with them.

it is recommended to cook most vegetables and fruits to help baby digest (read note 1). i cut 1 pear into 1/3 inch cubes and steamed them for a few minutes. pears retain shape and doesn’t disintegrate quickly after being steamed, like apples turning into applesauce. in asian culture the word for “pear” has the same pronunciation as the word for “leave” therefore some people choose not to share pears with family members for “fear” that doing so, the family would leave them.

since we can’t share pears with k, it bodes well that pears keep well after being steamed. uncooked pears don’t keep very well so until k can eat one by herself, i would continue to lightly steam pears for her. in addition, cooking water from steaming pears can be saved and reused since some pear nutrients will be in the water so it’s win win.


1. resource Wholesome Baby Food: Homemade Baby Food – Fruits and Vegetables FAQ: Why do you have recipes to cook fruit?

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