introducing drinking water

we hadn’t anticipated feeding baby formula but when we needed to supplement, we received ready-made formula from the hospital and pediatrician. i had also read that you should not give your baby water to drink because it would be harsh for the his/her stomach. so even though we knew if you buy powder it would be cheaper, we went to the extreme in not wanting to go through the worry about mixing power and water. our concerns about mixing water in infant formula is a valid concern as over watering may cause water intoxication *see note 1. with the little sleep we were having, could we make a mistake? yes, especially considering how much baby ate during that time! after the infant milk only stage, we focused on preparing solids and forgotten about drinking water.

k has been eating solids and drinking infant milk for three months now. the amount of solids she eats has increased but her infant milk amount did not. i started wondering if k would be “eating” too much though we still wanted to make sure she was hydrated. at this time, we met up with friends whose baby was a month younger than k and we saw that their baby was drinking water! so we immediately when she started drinking water and our friends told us that basically once the baby starts eating solids, she can drink water. that actually made a lot of sense. we were so happy to hear this and couldn’t wait to start!

afterwards, i did some additional research and read that babies can start drinking water around 6 months *see note 1. one of the concerns about babies drinking water early – especially when s/he is only drinking infant milk – is to make sure s/he is getting all the nutrients s/he needs so you don’t want to fill up his/her little tummies with water. after baby is old enough to drink water, you still don’t want to over do it – as baby still needs to have room in his/her tummy for milk and food. that wasn’t a problem since k took a little time in adjusting to “liking” the taste of water — plus she LOVED to eat food!


1. resource Baby Center: When can my baby drink water

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