baby feeding schedule: eating a rainbow

at month five of solids, k continues to enjoy new foods. we’ve been very lucky that despite her allergies, she still has a growing repertoire of foods she can eat. also, k is a great eat so she continues to eat all of the new and old foods we’ve introduced her to.

as in our diets, it is important to eat a “food rainbow”:

Red fruits and veggies help keep your heart strong.
Orange fruits and veggies help keep your eyes healthy.
Yellow fruits and veggies help keep you from getting sick.
Green fruits and veggies help make your bones and teeth strong.
Blue and purple fruits and veggies help your memory.

so i started ticking what color foods fruits and vegetables k has been eating:

Orange fruits and veggies …………. 10
Yellow fruits and veggies ………….. 20
Green fruits and veggies ……………. 7
Blue and purple fruits and veggies … 4

i see that k eats a lot of yellow and orange, has some green and blue/purple but not much of red and white. so this month i plan to expand her food color palette!


resource WebMD Fit: Jr – Eat a Food Rainbow and Jr. – Info for Parents

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