book: “Eating the Alphabet” by Lois Ehlert

when k started eating solids, i bought her these stuffed toys the shapes of fruits and vegetables so she could begin to associate the items with what she ate. along the way, she picked up the word “apple.” since then her go-to word for all things food related is “apple.”

Eating the Alphabetin order to help her recognize the difference between apple and all other foods, i began looking at children’s books since she loves her books. in my search, i came across one of several books by lois elhert about food. the first one i picked up was Eating the Alphabet.

it isn’t a story book at all but a board book with one or more fruits and vegetables for each letter of the alphabet, based on the first letter of the word. the pictures are a little abstract since they are paintings, not photographs and they not to scale – i.e. an apple is bigger than broccoli – but overall it is a beautiful book that simple and for a baby and toddler to look at and get an idea of many different fruits and vegetables they have.

resource – Wikipedia: Lois Ehlert

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