book: “Eating the Rainbow” by Rena D. Grossman

i loved the book Eating the Alphabet and k enjoyed looking at the beautifully painted images of the fruits and vegetables. but i also i wanted to find a book with more realistic images of the fruits and vegetables that she has eaten so she can connect the image and actual fruit side by side. i came across this book Eating the Rainbow by Rena D Grossman.

"Eating the Rainbow"this book is organized by color and in one page spread, it has one large picture of a baby(ies) eating a fruit or vegetable on one side of the page and 4 smaller pictures of fruits or vegetables per color on the other side. they are all photographs so you can easily recognize the fruit and vegetable although it is only the outside of the fruit.

i like that this book helps k recognize the fruit/vegetable as well as learn the color. it is a little confusing why milk and cereal are included but it works in which babies and k can related to them since they are usually one of the foods k eats at her age. k loves looking at pictures of babies so she definitely enjoyed seeing pictures of them eating food. all in all it is a nice book to have and it reinforces (maybe only subliminally) to eat foods of all the color of the rainbow.


1. resource – author: Rena D Grossman

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