baby feeding schedule: cow milk and a severe allergy

during month seven of solids, k turned one! a milestone for this is that k starts cow milk! since we had to supplement with formula it was a huge financial cost. now that k can drink cow milk, the cost was a noticeable saving. until babies turn 2, k needs fat for brain development so we started k on organic whole fat milk.

this month we had our first severe allergic reaction to a new food – one that was a huge surprise: garlic. after seeing k scratching like crazy then breaking out into hives after an hour of eating a tiny amount of garlic for the first time, we took her to a clinic who prescribed her prednisone and diphenhydramine (i.e. Benadryl) immediately and for the next 4 days. we had an upcoming appointment with the allergist a week later and after taking a blood test, it confirmed she had a severe garlic allergy.

although we had one set back, we did introduce k to some new foods that she was able to eat: yellow squash, watermelon, sweet peas, mango and eggplant. in addition, most fruits and vegetables i have been cooking first before giving it to k to eat but at one year she can start to eat them fresh so i introduced k to plums and pears fresh and she had no problems. yay!

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