book: “If You Give a Mouse a Cookie” by Laura Numeroff and Felicia Bond

when i was planning to become a teacher, i kept my eyes open for books i would want to add to my classroom library. back then it was known that teachers spent a lot of money on their own for supplies and books because there wasn’t much budget for it from administration. i figured, if i loved it enough for myself, i would buy it so that no one could take it away from me afterwards – it would go where i go!

If You Give a Mouse a Cookieif i remember correctly i heard of this book from tv – i used to leave the tv on when i was home and every now and then, something would catch my ears. i can’t remember if it was  someone reading an excerpt or just describing the book but it sounded fun so i checked it out at the bookstore aaaaaand … i loved it!

travel forward many years, with little k in ‘da house. i always knew i would share lots of books with my little one and of course i had to read this to her! i read it early on when k was a newborn as an after-bath book . when she became a toddler and started to understand more words, like milk, cookie, crayons, etc., she was able to point out the words in the pictures as well as understand more about the ramifications of giving an excitable mouse a cookie! so much fun 🙂


jump a few months forward to story time at the bookstore – the regularly scheduled story time was over but then we heard there would be a bonus story time so we stayed because one of the books to be read was: If You Give a Mouse a Cookie. it was close to k’s nap time but since she only heard m & i read it to her, we thought it would be fun if she heard it from someone else. she was excited when the “teacher” started to read the book and then she started to get a little restless (nap time) but she did still pay attention. after the book was over, we were told there would be a special guest that would sit in a large arm chair. who could it be?


"If You Give a Mouse a Cookie"as the other kids laughed and cheered, what did k do? she got quiet and started to whimper and cry: “bye bye”, “home”, “stroller” … words she would never usually say on her own at the bookstore (it’s usually, “no home” “no stroller” cuz she never wants to leave). but seeing her first larger-than life character freaked her out which i’ve read a lot of toddlers do when they first encounter a storybook character in the “fur”. we slowly walked outside of the story time circle and slowly got her coat on so she can still see and hear what was going on, including other kids approaching Cookie Mouse and taking pictures with him. she still wanted to leave but she also couldn’t stop looking at Cookie Mouse. after story time was over, she said “bye by mouse” as Cookie Mouse left and as we changed her diaper before nap time, she said “Cookie Mouse funny”.


1. resource – author: Laura Numeroff website

2. read post about If You Give a Dog a Donut

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