baby feeding schedule: adding snacks and more allergies

since k was over 1, i wanted to see what the average amount of calories a child her age should eat and i found that shows food types and amount of foods to eat. unfortunately the earliest food group examples and quantity they provide are for ages 2 to 5 but i use it to devise a meal plan: 3 meals and 2 snacks – and – make sure to include all food types in her daily diet: fruit, vegetable, grain, protein and dairy.

since it had been 6 months since k’s last allergy visit and k had the severe reaction to garlic, we went for a follow up and had another blood test to see what other foods k could be allergic to. it is hard to decide how to pick 6 foods to test since anything k hasn’t had yet could be an allergen. our allergist gave us some ideas – what are foods you want to give to eat or common foods that are in our meals that we cook with.

unfortunately results showed some more allergies: strawberries, barley and garlic, the last being through the roof as we got an inkling from her allergic reaction. luckily with some bad news comes some good news – k wasn’t allergic to salmon, shrimp or cheddar cheese. so we have some new foods we can safely add to her diet!

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