daycare cooking assignments

k’s daycare had been playing “kitchen” for a few weeks. then they informed me that they are starting a cooking class in their weekly schedule. i thought: how fun! but  the new class comes the concern about k’s food allergies. not only do we have to make sure k doesn’t eat the food she knows she’s allergic to, we also have to be more careful about what she hasn’t tried yet because there are plenty of things she hasn’t eaten yet! k’s daycare gives the monthly class schedule at the beginning of each month so i know what is the cooking class projects ahead of time. but the teacher will also let me know and check in advance if there are any ingredients that k is/could be allergic to. if so, i would provide (buy or cook) a substitute that k can eat with her classmates. i had been looking for a way to get myself cooking again so this was fun project to get me started! here are my daycare cooking assignments:

  1. pumpkin bars
  2. potato pancake
  3. waffles
  4. cookies
  5. food art: cracker ladybugs
  6. chocolate muffin
  7. share a meal: Thanksgiving
  8. sugar cookies
  9. food art: tomato tree sandwiches
  10. samosas
  11. english muffin with banana

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