processed gluten free eggless cereal: Nature’s Path Organic Whole O’s Cereal

at k’s daycare, she is the same age as a few other toddlers in the class and the teachers decided since they all started walking, to have them begin potty training. with potty training, they will give them a treat. Nature's Path Organic Whole O's  Cereali have read some give candy but at school they plan to give Cheerios. since Cheerios has wheat and eggs, i needed to find a gluten free vegan alternative.

luckily in my local natural foods store there’s a Nature’s Path Organic brand that has gluten free vegan cereal in the shape of O’s just like Cheerios. they have a nice flavor but are a little crunchier. luckily k has all of her front teeth and her molars have started growing so she can handle some crunch.

we don’t give it to her for cereal with milk yet – just as a snack for potty training. we weren’t planning to give k a reward for potty training but we wanted to be consistent with school: 2 O’s for pee pee – or – poo poo, 3 O’s if she does both. it is a  small healthy snack and she does love it.


product website: Nature’s Path Organic Whole O’s Cereal

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