processed breakfast food: Van’s gluten free flax waffle

bkfst Van's Foods waffles k’s daycare cooking class was going to have waffles so i had to either find or make waffles that k could eat in class. easiest would be to find one that was gluten free vegan and with concerns of k’s allergies, they also had to be made of ingredients that k has already been introduced to.

luckily there was one in our local store that we could try: Van’s gluten free flax waffles. it has no artificial flavors, colors or preservatives. it is sweetened with fruit juices instead of high fructose corn syrup. in addition, it is gluten free, egg free and non GMO Project verified.

bkfst Van's Foods wafflesi had k try it before her class project to make sure she can eat it and she enjoyed it. afterwards, i gave it to her as a “dry snack” for school. she really loves them – without any syrupy or sugary topping. sometimes k will asks what her meal is and she will ask “waffle”? that makes me happy that she can enjoy waffles like we can!


product website: Van’s Foods – waffles

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