thanksgiving meal 2014 une: daycare

before our family Thanksgiving, k was going to have a Thanksgiving meal with her classmates in daycare! each toddler’s family was asked to bring a dish and they would sit and share a meal together! unfortunately with k’s allergies, she won’t be able to have what her classmates bring in so i wanted to make sure she had a little of everything as well as had some to share.

so here’s my pre-Thanksgiving menu for the five little ones!

side dish

main course


it was slightly disappointing that k gets to enjoy a Thanksgiving meal with her friends at daycare before we have it together. to console myself, i made extra portions of everything i packed for her school meal so that m & i could enjoyed the same meal at lunchtime.

as m pointed out, she does and will continue to experience a lot of different things at school before she experiences it with us. since she’ll have a better understanding of Thanksgiving meal, maybe when she has it with us on Thanksgiving day, she’ll enjoy it more!

the result from school? the favorite dish among the 1-year olds was the cheesy mashed potato (apparently when it was all gone all the kids kept pointing for more!), followed by Thomas Keller’s My Favorite Simple Roast Chicken. that they enjoyed the meal made this momma very happy. now the menu for Thanksgiving meal – deux with the family. happy thanksgiving to one and all!


1. see other daycare cooking assignments

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