processed gluten free vegan snack: Simple Sprouted Way Better Snacks – Punkin Cranberry Corn Tortilla Chips

m & i were out with k all day and on our way home, since it was nice outside we thought we’d stop to let k see the sunset. i was going to pick up some drinks since m & i were parched on the way and since i didn’t have k’s next meal, i thought i’d pick up a snack in case she gets hungry. i found these: Way Better Snacks Punkin Cranberry Corn Tortilla Chips the ingredient list is very simple – non-GMO corn, sun flour or safflower oil, cranberries, pumpkin, flax seed, quinoa, raspberry and sea salt. since k has tried all of the foods on the ingredient list except cranberries so i picked it up. as soon as k saw the bag she knew there was food in sight so she was excited to try it.  k enjoyed them as did i! they are crunchy but not too hard. they have a nice flavor, a hint of savory and a hint of sweet. i like it! i am grateful that gluten free vegan foods are easily accessible so that we can enjoy being out without feeling strapped to run home because we need to pick up foods for her. the price is a bit steep but maybe one day the price can come down.


product website: Simple Sprouted Way Better Snacks: Corn Tortilla Chips

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