guess the children’s book title? bunny book vignette 1

can you name the book?

children's book about bunnies - name the title! 2015-1

(disclaimer: beginner food “artist” … sorry book illustrator!)

… and the title is:

"Goodnight Moon"
probably every baby/toddler has read or owns a copy of Goodnight Moon but i didn’t read it until i was a grown up. however i didn’t appreciate it until k started to speak. k received 2 copies of the book as gifts so we kept one in the bedroom and one in her bookshelf. the prose is short and sweet, so it was easy to memorize and recite it to her before bed. sometimes i would make up things in the bedroom to say good night to, i.e. “good night blanket, good night lion, …”

when k started to repeat multi-word-“sentences”, one of the first ones she started to say was “home, walk. oatmeal” because i used to say it to her when buckling her in the stroller after school. during story time weeks later when i was reading to Goodnight Moon to her, she saw the “bowl of mush” and called to call it “oatmeal!”

since then she’s graduated to finishing the end of the sentences. us; “cow jumping over the …” and k: “moon!” she would also point out mouse, the clocks, and other objects in the room. she loves seeing the moon outside so she especially enjoys reading this book to see the moon. when i was looking for books about bunnies to create vignettes with her food on Easter morning, i realized – this is indeed a bunny book as it is a bunny who is going to sleep. good night bunny!


1. food art vignette from the children’s book: Goodnight Moon written by Margaret Wise Brown and illustrated by Clement Hurd

2. background with product website: Van’s Foods – waffles

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