guess the children’s book title? bunny book vignette 2d

can you name the book?

children's book about bunnies - name the title! 2015-2

(disclaimer: beginner food “artist” … sorry book illustrator!)

… and the title is:

Not a Box
i love reading children’s books and this is one is a keeper – for both babies, children and adults. it is so relatable in many ways – from babies loving to play with boxes instead of toys … to children (and adults) learning to think outside of the box.

i introduced this book to k early, even before she could recognize “bunnies!” even then, she enjoyed hearing “IT IS NOT A BOX!” she would watch us as we explain the pictures of how it is not a box! after she started recognizing some of the imaginative pictures, she would call out the images — “cars! rab-bot!, boat!” — and clearly each are not a box!

i personally loves this book. from it’s imagination to it’s cute little bunny. anyone who picks up this book is sure to get something wonderful out of it!


1. food art vignette from the children’s book: Not a Box by Antoinette Portis

2. vignette background with Van’s Foods: waffles

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