guess the children’s book title? bunny book vignette 3d

can you name the book?

children's book about bunnies - name the title! 2015-3

(disclaimer: beginner food “artist” … sorry book illustrator!)

… and the title is:

Bunny's Bedtime Book
so this one may be a bit hard since it’s part of a gift set but m’s cousin, who LOVES bunnies, gave it to k. it is so lovable!

k especially likes it when we have the cuddly bunny act out the pages of the book, from bunny bouncing to nibbling to sleeping. “bunny peeps” is k’s favorite as we would have the bunny peep from everywhere – the book, the blanket, the crib, etc. it probably helped k learn to make 2 word sentences too! “k read!” “k walk!”

so, thank you k’s “cousin-auntie”! you definitely ensured k to be a bunny lover!


1. food art vignette from little learners: Snuggle Bunny: Book and soft toy gift set with a cuddly bunny and story book: Bunny’s bedtime book

2. background with product website: Van’s Foods – waffles

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