recipe: oatmeal and lentil

the last meal of everyday is oatmeal. it’s a comforting, healthy and k seems to love it. it’s also great because i can make a big batch and make it easy to prep at night. i usually put just a little fruit in it to give it a little variety every day. one day i ran out of fruit so i threw in some lentil. k loved it and kept asking for it. so, it became a new routine: oatmeal and lentil every night.

like lentil, it’s easy to prepare and store for a few days so all i have to do is scoop some oatmeal and scoop some lentil and k’s last meal for the night is ready! when i have time, i cut up a little fruit and add it but k is happy without it as well. a healthy meal that k enjoys and likes to eat on a daily basis – win win!

oatmeal and lentil with raspberryingredients

  • 1 serving precooked oatmeal
  • ½ precooked lentil
  • 1 Tbsp chopped fresh fruit


  1. add oatmeal and lentil in a serving bowl. add a little liquid to make the mixing easier.
  2. if adding fruit, add a small amount to the mixture to give it a little flavor.

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