children’s books to read, cook and eat together!

i love the idea of cooking with my little one. though k’s not yet 2, i look forward to it! it was exciting though a little intimidating to see the kids on Master Chef Jr. – the kids are so young (ages 8 – 13)  yet can chop with a sharp knife better than i can (or so it seems)! not that i am thinking of my baby to become a master chef but it is curious to think of how old you start kids cooking? k’s daycare already has cooking class in school, so i guess it can start as early as 1 year old to just mix fresh and/or dry ingredients — it doesn’t just have to be pretend (although that is fun too!)

when i used to watch Food Network a lot, i used to see some cooks/chefs talking about getting your kids involved with the cooking process, especially if they were picky eaters since they may be more inclined to try the foods if they helped make it. i know Rachael Ray had a cookbook for kids: Cooking Rocks! Rachael Ray 30-Minute Meals for Kids. about a year ago when i was browsing for children’s books, i saw that Giada De Laurentiis has a children’s book series: Recipes for Adventure, each book explores a city, i.e. Naples, Paris, and includes 2 recipes. her books are for older readers but i have them already saved on my wish list for future regs with my little one.

so it was fun for me to find the article from May 26 on School Library Journal: Read It, Make It, Eat It | Great Picture Books with Recipes by Joy Fleishhacker which introduced 11 picture books that included recipe(s) so that you can read, make and eat with your child. from making Kenyan pancakes to Filipino pandit to Spanish gazpacho — yes, i plan on picking up these books and when i start cooking with my little one, yes, i’ll share my experiences here!

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