Sunday breakfast: waffle art – baseball!

since we were going to take k out to a baseball game, i thought i’d make it a fun baseball themed Sunday breakfast. with just a little fruit, some yogurt and toasted waffles, we have baseball art!


  • gluten free vegan waffle
  • plain yogurt
  • raspberries

preparation waffle art: baseballbaseball and bat

  1. toast 2 waffles and put on plate
  2. on 1 waffle, put scoops of yogurt to create a circle. cut raspberries into quarters and use pieces to create stitching.
  3. on other waffle, put a piece of fruit that is carved the shape of a baseball on top.

waffle art: baseballbaseball bat only

  1. toast 2 waffles.
  2. cut off an edge of each waffle and line them together so it looks like the number 8.
  3. using a sharp knife, cut waffles to create a bat shape.
  4. add a dollop of yogurt on the side for the baseball, optional.

large baseballwaffle art: baseball

  1. scoop yogurt into plate and make a round shape
  2. add raspberries to create the stitching of the baseball
  3. toast waffles and add on the side

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