baby feeding schedule: going with the flow

this month my motto had been to keep things simple. most vegetables are just lightly sautéed with a little olive oil (i.e. boy choy – or – spinach and pepper)and paired with a protein which is just cooked in a pan with its natural oil (i.e. fish (salmon and tilapia fillets, beef patty).

since a lot of dishes has been easy to prepare, i can whip up a meal that has a protein, a variety of vegetables and sometimes grain in an instant. each prep serves multiple meals so it is easy to make different combinations.

k also tried some new fruits and vegetables this month, including watermelon squash, strawberries, rosemary, peach and cantaloupe. in addition we’ve successfully had meals at friends’ houses and while most of the foods we prepared, k has been able to enjoy some of the food served as well. yay!

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this month’s meals including a few new recipes

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