Sunday breakfast: waffle art – airplane!

at daycare, k’s class had a visitor: a pilot! so for this week’s waffle art, i made airplanes. not my finest work but k recognized it!


  • gluten free vegan waffle
  • plain yogurt
  • pineapple
  • banana


waffle art: airplaneslarge plane

  1. toast 2 waffles. using a scissor, cut the body and tail of an airplane using two waffles.
  2. with scraps cut two wings. place one above the body for the top wing and one on top for the lower  wing.
  3. add some yogurt for clouds.
  4. chop up some bananas for windows and make a larger banana quarter for the pilot window.
  5. cut a flat piece of banana as a circle for the sun. slice pineapple into some thin slices to make sun rays.
  6. voilà – a sunny day for a plane ride!

waffle art: airplanesfloating in the clouds

  1. scoop yogurt on the bottom of the plate as a long cloud.
  2. toast 2 waffles. cut the body with one waffle and using second waffle cut the tail, and wings. attach to the body of the plane.
  3. repeat step 5 for the sun.

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