Father’s Day breakfast: waffle art – Star Wars X-Wing Fighter

to continue with the theme of planes, how about some Star Wars art for a dad with loves the X-Wing Fighter? then to give the hint of the Father’s Day gift two different sized waffle shirts? finally, what’s Father’s Day without hearts? all on a Sunday morning.


  • gluten free vegan waffle
  • plain yogurt
  • banana
  • strawberries

preparation X-Wing Fighter waffle art: Star Wars X Wing Fighter

  1. toast 2 waffles.
  2. using a bread knife, first cut the long body and set on a plate.
  3. then cut four wings equally but then shorten two.
  4. make two strips for the turbo engines.
  5. make very thin strips for the laser cannons.
  6. place the shorter two wings on each side of the end of the body.
  7. place the two longer wings resting on top of the shorter wings to give dimension and the X shape.
  8. put the engines next to the longer wings on top of the body.
  9. place the laser cannons at the tip of all of wings.
  10. sprinkle some waffle crumbs or some sugar (per dad) for the stars to complete the art

t-shirts Star Wars X Wing Fighter matching t_shirt

  1. toast 2 waffles.
  2. using scissors, cut out the shapes of the t-shirts by eye. make the large size first – if it doesn’t look right, trim until it looks good – and that’ll be your mini t-shirt.
  3. learning from your first try, cut the larger T-shirt.

 i heart dad

  1. waffle art: I Heart Dadtoast 1 waffle.
  2. using a pair of food scissors, cut out the shape of a heart.
  3. slice the sides of the strawberries to make the heart shape as well as the letters to spell out “I ♥ DAD”.
  4. test placing the letters on the waffle to make sure the letters fit in the heart (unlike picture where the letters were too big!). remove strawberry letters from waffle and refrigerate.
  5. place letters on waffle before serving.

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