family breakfast: waffle food art – shoes

k is learning to put on shoes “by myself” so for Sunday morning breakfast i made shoes!


  • gluten free vegan waffle (3-5 waffles)
  • plain yogurt


shoe waffle foodart

baby sneakers

  1. shoe waffle foodartk’s shoe is a sneaker with a wide velcro strap across the middle.
  2. shoes are easy to make with waffles – just cut two opposite sides of a circular waffle so it’s rounded on top and bottom.
  3. i cut semicircular hole in the bottom rounded part of the shoe where the foot would go in.
  4. then i cut the top and center flap of the shoe.
  5. finally with scraps i made a flap for the top velcop strap and placed it on top of the shoe.

shoe waffle foodartmary janes

  1. my shoe is a pair of mary janes with two velcro straps in the center.
  2. to create, it mostly involves cutting lots of thin strips of waffles.

shoe waffle foodarthigh tops

  1. i had to rush this last shoe because k work up!
  2. to create, i just made an outline the high tops.

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