family breakfast: waffle food art – playing kitchen

two is a little young to actually cook so it’s fun to play kitchen: dramatic play – or – for breakfast.


  • gluten free vegan waffle
  • plain yogurt
  • banana
  • blackberry
  • raspberry


toast the waffles.

waffle foodart: grocery shopping*
grocery shopping

  1. cut a little man from the center of one waffle.
  2. cut a little bag for the shopping bag.
  3. cut a little handle for the bag.
  4. put a few fruits on the top of the bag.

waffle foodart: cooking

  1. cut a pot, pot handle and pot cover.
  2. cut a hot glove to make sure you don’t burn your hand!

waffle foodart: mixing bowl

  1. cut a bowl.
  2. then cut a long mixing spoon.
  3. add some mixed fruit and yogurt on top of the bowl.

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