family breakfast: waffle food art – carousel birthday party

if you can’t go to an amusement park, how about a outing at a carousel … better yet, how about a birthday party by the carousel? oh what fun!


  • gluten free vegan waffle
  • plain yogurt
  • fruits: banana, kiwi, mango, papaya, watermelon


toast 3 – 4 waffles.

carouselwaffle art - carousel

  1. cut out a horse with one waffle. if you weren’t able to cut out the thin legs or horse’s tail, you can always cut thin rectangles and attach it. also cut a longer thin rectangle to put on the top of the horse as the carousel horse’s pole.
  2. i was in a rush that morning (to help the birthday girl’s mom prepare for the party) so i didn’t get to make the horse fancy. if you had the time, use fruit to decorate the horse, after all a carousel horse likes to dress up!

waffle art - pizzapizza

  1. cut a triangle. then cut a thin rectangle longer than the longest end of the triangle. place the thin rectangle piece on top of the triangle and you have the crust!
  2. if you feel so inclined, you can use fruits to add some pizza toppings to your pizza waffle!

waffle art - cupcakecupcake

  1. cut a trapezoid to make the bottom of the cupcake and then cut leveraging part of the roundness of the waffle, cut a piece to place on top of the waffle showing the frosting.
  2. decorate the frosting with different fruits. give it a fun topping as well! next time i’ll make a cupcake worthy of birthday party!

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