toys with allergens: NO Hasbro Play-Doh

i got a call from my little one’s teacher — “your child had an allergic reaction to play-doh. we washed the face and applied the anti-itch medicine. other than a reddish rash, your little one appears fine.”

??? allergic reaction to a toy ???

so i googled to find out what play-doh could possibly be made of that could cause an allergic reaction. above any search engine result, a note said play-doh’s ingredients are secret but there is no dairy, nuts, soy. however play-doh does contain wheat!

the teacher was just as surprised about the allergic reaction to playdough as even a seasoned teacher hadn’t experience it before. interestingly, my baby’s wheat allergy is LOW. so what is it that is causing this?

i don’t know.

since play dough is an activity the school does on a regular basis, so i did some homework to find allergen-free play dough that my little one can play with instead. i found Aroma Dough and Soy-Yer Dough. Aroma Dough is 3 times more expensive so I am trying Soy-Yer Dough first. wish my baby luck with a gluten free fun play dough experience!


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