Breyers® ice cream

grew up with and happy to share Breyers® Ice Cream‎

when we went to taiwan during the summer my relatives wanted my little one to enjoy ice cream. my hesitation had been that ice cream has egg but my cousin was sure it didn’t so he asked the chef and low and behold, the chef confirmed that the Häagen-Dazs® ice cream they served didn’t have egg. so my little one had the first taste of vanilla, mango and strawberry ice cream. happy toddler!

Breyers® ice cream - strawberrywhen we came back to the states, i went to the grocery store and thought i’d pick up some ice cream for the little one. i double-checked the label. unfortunately it DID have eggs! so i looked at other brands to see if i could find one that my little one could eat and i found it: Breyers® Ice Cream‎. i grew up with Breyers and now my little one can grow up with it! the best thing is that the ingredients are so simple – not twenty items with a lot of chemical sounding names but under ten with the main ingredients as milk, natural flavor and sugar.

i’m glad my little one is able to enjoy ice cream … that it’s a brand i grew up with, makes it a double scoop.

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