cook with kids recipe: dumplings in bánh tráng / rice wrapper

i have been trying to figure out how to share dumplings with my little one for a long time but the dumpling wrappers i had been searching for all had wheat or egg. then i remembered some dim sum dumplings use rice wrappers. so i looked for the rice wrappers used for vietnamese summer rolls

dumplings with rice wrapperso for our pre-extended family Lunar New Year meal, i recruited m and little one to wrap the dumplings while i made the rest of the meal. i cooked the filling first so little one didn’t have to touch raw meat.

m wet the wrappers and cut them in half then little one completed the rest – from placing the filling on the wrapper, rolling the wrapper and then placing it on the plate. little one enjoyed wrapping the dumplings and then finally eating dumplings. yum!

cooking tools

  • dumplings with rice wrapperpan (larger in brown rice wrapper) with lukewarm water
  • large cutting board
  • knife



take a dry wrapper out and put in lukewarm water. place on large cutting board. cut in half.

dumplings with rice wrapper

place a dumpling filling on the bottom of each half of the wet wrapper. wrap each dumpling by pulling up the wrapper from the bottom and roll over the dumpling filling and upward until it covers the entire filling.

set aside on a platter. enjoy with soy sauce, tamarin sauce and/or hot sauce.

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