rainbow cake baking challenge: signature cake pt.1 & technical bake pt.1

since i got started on this rainbow cake baking challenge, i have been thinking about the cake. for a class party, i made one cake mix and the kids ate them all up.
for a large group party, we ordered a cake from a bakery that specializes in gluten free vegan cakes. little one taste tested their cupcakes and it was decent but the cake coloring and icing: not a fan – i was disappointed! so how do we serve a cake that all kids can enjoy without having our little one have a separate item?

since little one wants a rainbow cake, i looked up other rainbow cakes experimenters and saw many used recipes for white cake and then added food coloring. unfortunately in my research of gluten free cake mixes, i could not find a gluten free white cake mix. before i take the step into baking a white cake from scratch, i wanted to first try using yellow cake (since knew one that my little one and classmates have enjoyed the flavor of gluten free vegan vanilla cake) and then start my technical challenge by coloring the cake to see what issues arise.

when i went shopping for yellow cake mixes for the signature cake flavor, i found another brand: Cherrybrook Kitchen Gluten Free Wheat Free Yellow Cake Mix. since it’s good for little one to have multiple options, i decided to give it a try. for the technical aspect, i found a natural food coloring that uses plant based ingredients that are also gluten free, vegan and non-GMO. Color Kitchen Foods has 3 main colors: yellow (from turmeric), pink (from beets) and blue (from spirulina). luckily little one tested negative for food allergies to these ingredients. but this brand had a little color issue as pink is not a color of the rainbow. anyhow, i figure i would test the results to see what results i could find with the colors at hand.

anyhoo, little one and worked on this color experiment together. from stirring the cake ingredients, mixing colors and spooning batter into cupcake liners, we had a fun time learning and baking together. we couldn’t wait to see and taste the results.

upon returning from a playdate, we all chose a cupcake and toast. little one enjoyed looking them as well as eating them thoroughly. from an objective eye, in the signature bake category the cake mix didn’t live up to my expectation. in the technical bake category the colors were too pastel. the yellow and blue came out the best. purple and orange wasn’t the right shade and needed more oomph. green needed a lot of work.

back to the drawing board – a cake mix, my food coloring mix and i

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