rainbow cake baking challenge: signature cake pt.2 & technical bake pt.2

continuing my rainbow cake baking challenge, i wanted to find another cake recipe. i wasn’t sure if the yellow cake mix made it hard to create the colors of the rainbow but i couldn’t find a gluten free cake mix for white cake. until i did … well, sorta.

Pillsbury Gluten Free Funfetti Cake Mix creates a white cake with candy bits. so i went to the store and picked up some boxes of the mix. since little one already made cupcakes with me many times and i had some time, i made it myself so i can make some more progress with this baking challenge. to focus on the rainbow color aspect, i decided to sift the cake mix to remove the candy bits.

i used Color Kitchen Foods food colors again. in addition to the 3 main colors: yellow, pink and blue, i also found a special holiday colors box that had 2 more colors i needed: red and green! i was so happy because it would give me two more colors i needed without the possibility of trial and error from self-mixing.

since i had more freedom to experiment without worrying about the little one, i allowed myself to use 3 different alternatives for egg substitute. the cake mix used 3 eggs so i decided to split the batter into 3 different bowls. in each bowl, used a different egg-substitute ingredients: apple sauce, banana and pumpkin puree. for each batter with different egg-substitute, i made 2 colors.

  • bowl 1 with apple sauce
    • version 1a is red
    • version 1b is purple
      (mixing red and blue)
  • bowl 2 with banana
    • version 2a is green
    • version 2b is blue
  • bowl 3 with pumpkin
    • version 3a. yellow
      (no color added to see if pumpkin puree can make yellow)
    • version 3b is orange
      (added a little red to make orange)

then i lined the cupcake pan with the batter and then baked them. the box instructions said to bake for approximately 13-19 minutes but i ended up baking them a little longer, approximately 25 minutes, when a wooden stick came out clean.


regardless of which egg substitute i used, this cake mix was pretty good! there was less of a starchy aftertaste from the previous cake mix i used. apple sauce and banana were tied in flavor, with banana having a slight edge. pumpkin puree came in third only because the flavor of the pumpkin came out more pronouncely. if you like the taste of pumpkin, that’s fine but if you don’t like the flavor you won’t be happy.

with the new red and green color packages and extra practice from using the food coloring from my first batch, the result was definitely better. red and green came out beautifully. yellow from the pumpkin puree actually came out nicely without the food coloring! orange needed more work (since i didn’t actually add the yellow coloring) and purple looked a little grey but in some light, it was quite nice.

all in all this was a successful bake and currently the frontrunner for little one’s party!


*baking tip: bake time
adjust the time to bake depending on the material and color of your baking tin: a lighter tin may need longer to bake; a darker tin may cause the batter to cook faster.

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