Happy Thank*ful-for-food*Giving!

another year and lucky to have so much to be thankful for. we not only have be able to put food and home over our heads but also have plentiful to share with extended family and friends as well as those in need.

Thanksgiving started the day before as little one had a Thanksgiving lunch at school. m made her meal this year after checking with her teacher what will be served. so little one’s first meal was m’s citrus turkey with cranberry sauce, mashed potato with turkey gravy, corn and cornbread from Bob’s Red Mill Cornbread Mix little one and i made a few weeks ago.

on Thanksgiving day, our dinner party grew to 10 people with more family in town to celebrate. we made it buffet style with m taking care of all of the appetizers including sweet potato mash, corn on the cob and brussels sprout. i roasted the two chickens and made a dessert plate of gluten free eggless pumpkin scones, chocolate mousse and fresh fruit.

after a meal with extended family, it was also nice to have an intimate family meal with just the three of us. little one decided our menu: avocado and crab bruschetta, tomato and mozzarella tower and spaghetti and meatballs. we wrapped up the dinner with a dessert activity, decorating our own gluten free eggless pumpkin donut with pink whipped topping and sprinkles.

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