waffle art: Rudolph and Donner – embracing our differences

little one woke up saying, “i want a rudolph that sings the song.” we have too many stuffed animals so i created the red-nosed friend for breakfast again, this time with his dad.

when i put the plates on the table, i gave little one the plate with Rudolph and dad the plate with Donner. little one said, “I want the Donner one.” i asked why and she said, “because Rudolph gets made fun of.” isn’t it true?

the beautiful message of the classic movie is about accepting and embracing our differences. it starts at home. i hope we keep the message Rudolph experienced during the holidays and all year round.


  • gluten free eggless waffles
  • gluten free eggless bread
  • gluten free eggless cinnamon bread
  • pomegranate
  • blackberry
  • blueberry


toast the waffles and bread as desired.

place the waffles first as the head. cut a oval shape for the mouth/nose part of the face.

cut long thin pieces of cinnamon bread for the antlers.

add blueberries for the eyes; pomegranate for Rudolph’s nose and blackberry for Donner’s nose.

serve and enjoy!

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