baby feeding schedule: going with the flow

this month my motto had been to keep things simple. most vegetables are just lightly sautéed with a little olive oil (i.e. boy choy – or – spinach and pepper)and paired with a protein which is just cooked in a pan with its natural oil (i.e. fish (salmon and tilapia fillets, beef patty). Continue reading “baby feeding schedule: going with the flow”

baby feeding schedule: beginning of a picky eater?

friends have told me how their kids used to be a good eater but then the kid later became a picky eater. i was always afraid that would come true because we’ve been lucky that k has been a really good eater. then last month, k started to say: “no peas” “no pepper” “no corn” consistently. every now and then she’ll say: “no tofu” “no  blackberries” – which she normally loves. other times, she’ll be selective and say: “only bok choy”, “only fish” or “only pasta”. if we say “no”, she’d tantrum. what happened my happy eater? Continue reading “baby feeding schedule: beginning of a picky eater?”

baby feeding schedule: “grown up” dishes

this month, i worked on making some more meals that we can eat together, including some breakfast foods like gluten free vegan muffins and crepes – to – crab avocado salad and tacos! meals have begun to be easier to prepare. yay! recipes to some new dishes include: Continue reading “baby feeding schedule: “grown up” dishes”

open face sandwich: gluten free cheesy mushroom sandwich

bread has gotten a bad rep due to the carbs but one way to still enjoy it but not have TOO much is to make an open faced sandwich!

k has been enjoying mushrooms so i topped the bread and cheese with it. she ate it all up, as expected!

ingredients Continue reading “open face sandwich: gluten free cheesy mushroom sandwich”

open face sandwich: gluten free broccoli sandwich

bread has gotten a bad rep due to the carbs but one way to still enjoy it but not have TOO much is to make an open faced sandwich! to start

ingredients Continue reading “open face sandwich: gluten free broccoli sandwich”

baby feeding schedule: eating together

my goal the past month has been to try to make meals that we can all eat – whether together or not – with leftovers so that it can last a few meals. bi-weekly i’ll make a fish and vegetable fried rice that will last k 2 to 3 meals. monthly i’ll make a batch of garlic free tomato sauce for pasta, pizza or lasagna. i definitely spend less time in the kitchen daily. Continue reading “baby feeding schedule: eating together”

baby feeding schedule: cooking instead of prepping food

for the past year, it feels more like i’ve been “prepping” food for k instead of actually cooking. i guess  i’m thinking in terms of not just letting food speak for itself but actually flavoring food.

so this month i focused on adding flavoring and cooking tools – i.e. oil, butter, vinegar, turmeric and yeast. with these ingredients we were able to make some fun dishes: Continue reading “baby feeding schedule: cooking instead of prepping food”

recipe: broccoli cheddar quinoa muffins

after i made the sweet potato / yam corn mittens, i knew k was old enough to eat foods cooked in different ways. i usually prepare quinoa in a bowl with added vegetables, meat and/or cheese. but then i saw a recipe where you can make them as little bites.

cute, fun and healthy snacks! Continue reading “recipe: broccoli cheddar quinoa muffins”

christmas recipe: grinch kebabs and fruit salad

i saw this online and thought they were too cute to resist! since k is allergic to strawberries per the original recipe, i used raspberries instead. also the original recipe had a marshmallow on top but to keep it completely fruit, i added another piece of banana on top. with the remaining fruit, i made a simple fruit salad with all the fruits k can eat so we all enjoyed a cute and refreshing dessert.

even though k has not read / heard the book yet, she loved how the grinch kebabs looked and wanted more!

cooking tools

  • 8 toothpicks
  • 1 serving bowl
  • 1 serving plate

Continue reading “christmas recipe: grinch kebabs and fruit salad”

avocado caprese salad

i was happy to share with k one of my favorite salads which included arugula, avocado, basil, mozzarella and tomatoes. –> recipe on Palatable Palette we omitted the dressing  this time because we hadn’t tested each ingredient yet but i look forward to when she can experience the salad fully! Continue reading avocado caprese salad

garlic free pizza sauce

after making the garlic free tomato sauce, the pizza sauce was easy! –> recipe on Palatable Palette look forward to making a variety of pizza dishes for k with this sauce! Continue reading garlic free pizza sauce

daycare cooking assignment: sugar cookie

for the holidays k’s school is making sugar cookies. so i found this sugar cookie recipe and pared it down for k’s allergies – which made it just 2 main ingredients and a few flavoring ingredients (vanilla and salt). the only cookie cutters we owned were star wars cutters that m got as a gift. so for the trial run, i made  star wars apple “sugar” cookies.

milk sugar cookiem enjoyed the star wars cookies but i didn’t love the first recipe so i looked for another. this one had a few other ingredients, including egg, butter and milk. since k can’t eat eggs, i substituted it flax meal with water. i also used a vegan spread instead of butter. m liked the flavor of this milk “sugar” cookie better than the first.  Continue reading “daycare cooking assignment: sugar cookie”

pasta-less garlic free eggplant lasagna

now that i had my garlic free tomato sauce, i was excited to make lasagna! the first one i tried was eggplant lasagna as a pasta less lasagna. –> recipe on Palatable Palette i look forward to trying many other varieties of lasagna and pasta with my new sauce! Continue reading pasta-less garlic free eggplant lasagna

garlic free stovetop tomato sauce

after thanksgiving, i wanted to continue to find meals that we can eat and enjoy together. so i thought of making lasagna but when i went to several supermarkets, i couldn’t find any garlic free tomato sauce. i never had any interest in making my own tomato sauce before but now i needed to learn. –> recipe on Palatable Palette i tried some to taste the flavor. other than the lack of salt or spice that i didn’t add since it was for k, it tasted just as good as store-bought tomato sauce! i thoroughly enjoyed it. i will be making bigger batches and storing them … Continue reading garlic free stovetop tomato sauce

italian seasoned baked vegetables

i chose different vegetables than i used for thanksgiving meal 2014-une and grilled them instead of steam. i used the same italian seasoning but to little richer flavor, i added some drippings from the roast chicken i made. –> recipe on Palatable Palette the flavor was a success. YAY! Continue reading italian seasoned baked vegetables

cheesy mashed potato

potato is a staple for Thanksgiving and mashed potato is a family favorite. we haven’t introduced k to butter yet and k can’t have garlic so i had to alter the recipe. i remembered k’s daycare cooking class potato pancake day, i made cheesy potato pancake, so i made cheesy mashed potato! –> recipe on Palatable Palette i received the greatest compliment from the teacher at the end of the day: “what did you add to the mashed potatoes? the kids couldn’t get enough and were so upset when it was finished!“ Continue reading cheesy mashed potato

italian seasoned steamed vegetables

for a simple vegetable dish, i added three different colored steamed vegetables and then tossed it with some italian seasoning. usually i chose yellow sweet potato / yam for k but since corn is already yellow, i thought it would look nicer if each vegetable was a different color. –> recipe on Palatable Palette Continue reading italian seasoned steamed vegetables

daycare cooking assignment: potato pancake

k’s daycare’s second cooking class / my cooking assignment was potato pancake. the teacher told me there would be eggs in the recipe and when i looked online for potato pancake recipes, i saw quite a variety of recipes, most included eggs, some uses grated potato while others used mashed potatoes, some is flavored with onions and garlic while others are flavored with cheese. Continue reading “daycare cooking assignment: potato pancake”

processed gluten free eggless cereal: Nature’s Path Organic Whole O’s Cereal

at k’s daycare, she is the same age as a few other toddlers in the class and the teachers decided since they all started walking, to have them begin potty training. with potty training, they will give them a treat. Nature's Path Organic Whole O's  Cereali have read some give candy but at school they plan to give Cheerios. since Cheerios has wheat and eggs, i needed to find a gluten free vegan alternative.

Continue reading “processed gluten free eggless cereal: Nature’s Path Organic Whole O’s Cereal”

baby feeding schedule: relearning about cooking

with k’s daycare added a cooking class to her schedule, it has been quite a learning experience. baking has been especially challenging – one wrong ingredient and the flavor, texture, etc is off. since a lot of times the cooking for k’s daycare … Continue reading baby feeding schedule: relearning about cooking

sandwich: gluten free eggless grilled cheese

Happy Sandwich Day! Named after John Montagu, the fourth earl of Sandwich, who in 1762 spent 24 hours at a gaming table without any other food, the sandwich has become a culinary staple for just about everyone on Earth. *see note 1

k’s daycare wanted to celebrate the day by asking all of the kids bring a sandwich to school. so a few days earlier, i had k try the brown rice loaf i found in the supermarket and luckily she didn’t have any problems with it.

so for k’s sandwich on this fun “holiday”, the easiest sandwich in the book: grilled cheese!

ingredients Continue reading “sandwich: gluten free eggless grilled cheese”

daycare cooking assignment: pumpkin bar

first assignment was pumpkin bar. i’ve never had a pumpkin bar before so not only did i have to modify the recipe, i also had to figure out what it should taste like! luckily k is a new eater, so i don’t have to create something to taste like what others know it would be. i just had to find a way to make it look somewhat like what her classmates are having and fit within her taste range that she can experience her cooking class fully.

i knew about this project a week before the daycare cooking class so i had time to research pumpkin bar recipes and find a way to modify it so k can eat it. some factors in the ingredients include eggs (due to her allergy), flour, cinnamon, sugar, baking power and baking soda (which she hasn’t had yet) and sugar (which i wasn’t ready to introduce her to yet since she’s just 1). Continue reading “daycare cooking assignment: pumpkin bar”

baby feeding schedule: “wet” snacks and the search for “dry” snacks

with k’s allergies i have been preparing all her meals myself. since it has been mostly fruits and vegetables, it has been manageable. at her daycare though they only have 2 meal times. so i had to adjust her meal schedules to accommodate an early lunch and a snack. they originally asked for a dry snack but since they understood her allergy situation, we have been able to just provide some cut up fruit and vegetables. Continue reading “baby feeding schedule: “wet” snacks and the search for “dry” snacks”

baby feeding schedule: adding snacks and more allergies

since k was over 1, i wanted to see what the average amount of calories a child her age should eat and i found that shows food types and amount of foods to eat. unfortunately the earliest food group examples and quantity they provide are for ages 2 to 5 but i use it to devise a meal plan: 3 meals and 2 snacks – and – make sure to include all food types in her daily diet: fruit, vegetable, grain, protein and dairy. Continue reading “baby feeding schedule: adding snacks and more allergies”

baby feeding schedule: cow milk and a severe allergy

during month seven of solids, k turned one! a milestone for this is that k starts cow milk! since we had to supplement with formula it was a huge financial cost. now that k can drink cow milk, the cost was a noticeable saving. until babies turn 2, k needs fat for brain development so we started k on organic whole fat milk. Continue reading “baby feeding schedule: cow milk and a severe allergy”

baby feeding schedule: 4 meals a day and more colors

on the sixth month of solids, we upped k’s meals to 4 times a day. we also added some new colors in her diet including red with tomatoes, bell pepper and beets; white with turnip and cauliflower; and purple with blueberries. k continues to have a great appetite!

for her daily staple, she has: Continue reading “baby feeding schedule: 4 meals a day and more colors”

baby feeding schedule: eating a rainbow

at month five of solids, k continues to enjoy new foods. we’ve been very lucky that despite her allergies, she still has a growing repertoire of foods she can eat. also, k is a great eat so she continues to eat all of the new and old foods we’ve introduced her to.

as in our diets, it is important to eat a “food rainbow”: Continue reading “baby feeding schedule: eating a rainbow”