recipe: pear, sweet potato / yam and oat bran


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recipe: pear and chicken


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recipe: pear, butternut squash and oat bran


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introducing new foods: pears

the next fruit we introduced k to is pears. like apples there are a variety of pears to choose from. i knew Comice pears are very sweet so i looked for others. D'anjou and Starkrimson pearspears aren’t the dirtiest of fruits but they aren’t the cleanest either. so i went to our local organic grocer and the ones they had in  stock were the D’anjou, Bosc and Starkrimson pears. the quality of the D’anjou pear was the best that day so i started k with them. Continue reading “introducing new foods: pears”

introducing new foods: sweet potato / yam

another vegetable in the orange color family – yummy power food sweet potato / yam. you can dilute if you want but it really doesn’t need it. baked sweet potato and yams are so soft it can be enjoyed alone.

i did some research on sweet potatoes vs. yams. the two are not actually from the same family but both are power foods and have lot of nutrition. the orange color vegetable are sweeter vs. the yellow color vegetable is not as sweet. there are also purple color ones but i have yet to try them! Continue reading “introducing new foods: sweet potato / yam”

introducing new foods: avocado

avocadosticking to the less sweet vegetables and fruits, we decided the next item to feed k is the avocado.

during the first two years of the baby’s life, fat is important for baby’s brain development so avocado is a good choice.

it has monounsaturated fats, which are considered as healthy fats as well as omega-3 fatty acids.

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