introducing new foods: lentil

a girlfriend and fellow mom of a toddler starting solids mentioned they introduced her to lentil so i was excited to have C try it too! i tried SHILOH brad lentil and picked brown lentils because it has the more iron than the other colors (red or green).

preparation is relatively easy – wash and boil for 30 minutes until soft. sometimes it took a little longer to cook because they weren’t soft enough but it required little attention. i always make an adult  serving and save the remainder a storage container.

i started k on lentil, sometimes with savory fruits and vegetables and other times with sweet. either way k took to it pretty well! i’m glad k has a healthy tastebud!

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introducing new foods: oat bran

oat bran
it took us a while to decide what cereal we would start k with. we couldn’t start her with barley or buckwheat due to her wheat allergy. we wanted to hold off on rice because of the arsenic issue *read note 1. so we decided on oatmeal.

after some research, i was able to find wheat free and gluten free oat bran, which is the outer husk of the oat. it is rich in dietary fiber, protein and iron. Continue reading “introducing new foods: oat bran”