recipe: banana and avocado

now that k started bananas, i tried the recipe in Wholesome Baby Food Guide: “Banana ‘Cado”. this one is especially easy since you don’t have to cook either food! just make sure to prepare the dish right before feeding otherwise the color of both will change to an unappetizing color rather quickly.

avocado and bananaingredients

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recipe: banana and butternut squash

making food for k has been relatively easy since it’s mostly boiling, baking and mixing. but it is fun to discover new tidbits, i.e.:

DYK: mixing butternut squash and banana tastes like cantaloupe?

banana and butternut squashingredients

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introducing organic bananas

most foods, including vegetables and fruits, that we fed k so far have to be cooked first. the only vegetable we didn’t have to cook was avocado. the second is the fruit we’re giving her next: the banana. like the avocado, when exposed to the air banana’s color changes quickly to an unappetizing gray so prepare it just when you are about to feed the baby.

bananas are not part of the “dirty dozen” list because the inside fruit itself is protected by its thick skin. but the many of the chemicals that are sprayed onto conventional banana trees harm the workers who pick them. *read note 
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