palatable palette: butter shrimp and cauliflower grits

cauliflower grits just sound delicious and cajun shrimp is a no-brainer but little one is not a fan of cauliflower or shrimp. for some reason i felt that this recipe would change her mind. for little one’s non-spicy palette and … Continue reading palatable palette: butter shrimp and cauliflower grits

recipe: oatmeal fruit tart

unless you’re using oatmeal to bake, most of the time oatmeal looks like porridge. even if you add something sweet (i.e. fruit and honey) or savory (i.e. crab or veggies), it still looks soupy yet comforting, of course. but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress it up a little!

cooking tools

  • small round bowl

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processed gluten free eggless snack: Chickpea Chips

the first food that k showed me lack of interest in was chickpeas – feeding them to me instead of eating it. so when i found these chips in the supermarket, it seemed like a fun way for k to retry chickpeas. i know k can eat chickpeas without an allergic reaction. there are also a few new spices to introduce k to so i picked it up.

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recipe: oatmeal and lentil

the last meal of everyday is oatmeal. it’s a comforting, healthy and k seems to love it. it’s also great because i can make a big batch and make it easy to prep at night. i usually put just a little fruit in it to give it a little variety every day. one day i ran out of fruit so i threw in some lentil. k loved it and kept asking for it. so, it became a new routine: oatmeal and lentil every night. Continue reading “recipe: oatmeal and lentil”

recipe: miso soup meal

i’m always trying to find new foods that k hasn’t tried yet. i had told m that i was thinking of miso soup since i grew up with it and decades later, it is like comfort food to me. recently m sent me an article about Marukome miso soup anime ads that made me decide yes, the warmth of miso soup is indeed a feeling i want to share with k. Continue reading “recipe: miso soup meal”

processed gluten free vegan snack: Van’s Multigrain Crackers

from the same brand that brought k her love of waffles, is Van’s Gluten Free Multigrain Crackers. it has a crispy texture and nice flavor. like most snacks it is a little saltier than i would like for myself and even more so to give to a toddler so i lightly wipe off the top and bottom of each cracker to remove some of the salt and then it’s perfect!

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processed gluten free vegan snack: Glutino pretzels

the Ener-G brand pretzels are a bit crunchy so i haven’t bought them again although i did give k some from the last batch. when i was grocery shopping the other day at a local supermarket, i saw a line of gluten free products: Glutino. I’ve seen the name before but hadn’t tried it before. so when i saw they had a line of pretzels

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processed gluten free vegan snack: Beanitos

prices of foods at natural foods stores are not cheap but the one near me would often have sales. so whenever there was a sale, i would look at the items and if k can eat it, i would give it a try. that’s how i found Benitos.

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processed gluten free vegan snack: Ener-G pretzels

i love pretzels and thought k may enjoy some to. i was excited to find these Ener-G brand pretzels that were not only wheat free and gluten free but also dairy, egg, nut and soy free. not only does it satisfy k’s allergy needs but also kids with more allergies than k.

Ener-G original pretzels
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introducing new foods: lentil

a girlfriend and fellow mom of a toddler starting solids mentioned they introduced her to lentil so i was excited to have C try it too! i tried SHILOH brad lentil and picked brown lentils because it has the more iron than the other colors (red or green).

preparation is relatively easy – wash and boil for 30 minutes until soft. sometimes it took a little longer to cook because they weren’t soft enough but it required little attention. i always make an adult  serving and save the remainder a storage container.

i started k on lentil, sometimes with savory fruits and vegetables and other times with sweet. either way k took to it pretty well! i’m glad k has a healthy tastebud!

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