cook with kids: eggless buttercream frosting

little one just finished off our last batch of cupcakes we made a few months ago so we made a new batch to stock up. i found a cake mix we hadn’t tried yet: King Arthur’s Gluten Free Yellow Cake mix. Continue reading “cook with kids: eggless buttercream frosting”

cook with kids recipe: lemon and herb roasted vegetables

lemon and herb roasted vegetablesi picked up some beets, butternut squash, brussels sprout and parsnip in preparation for thanksgiving dinner but hadn’t really decided on a recipe yet. then i read my cousin’s social media post and saw that she had a recipe for roasted vegetables that had all of the ingredients i picked up and others i already had at home! so thx cuz for helping me find this recipe! Continue reading “cook with kids recipe: lemon and herb roasted vegetables”