recipe: gluten free eggless corn fritters

for the most part, we have one vegetarian and one meat dish a day (not including breakfast) but i’ve been feeling like i need to shake up my vegetarian dishes. Continue reading “recipe: gluten free eggless corn fritters”

Happy Thank*ful-for-food*Giving!

another year and lucky to have so much to be thankful for. we not only have be able to put food and home over our heads but also have plentiful to share with extended family and friends as well as … Continue reading Happy Thank*ful-for-food*Giving!

cook with kids: cornbread muffin

have been in a little rut deciding what to cook with little one lately so i opted to refresh her skills in mixing, scooping and brushing with a cornbread mix to pair with tonight’s dinner: hearty beef chili. Continue reading “cook with kids: cornbread muffin”

cook with kids recipe: peruvian quinoa salad

i have thrown quinoa into my meals in substitution for rice dishes and i’ve added quinoa in my salads before but i didn’t know quinoa is an important grain in peruvian culture. Continue reading “cook with kids recipe: peruvian quinoa salad”

processed gluten free eggless snack: Chickpea Chips

the first food that k showed me lack of interest in was chickpeas – feeding them to me instead of eating it. so when i found these chips in the supermarket, it seemed like a fun way for k to retry chickpeas. i know k can eat chickpeas without an allergic reaction. there are also a few new spices to introduce k to so i picked it up.

Maya Kaimal Chickpea Chips Continue reading “processed gluten free eggless snack: Chickpea Chips”

processed gluten free vegan snack: Smartfood Popcorn

we were out and about when i realized i forgot k’s snack! so we went to the deli and looked for something that she could eat. it has three main ingredients: popcorn, vegetable oil and sea salt. k liked it very much!

Smartfood Popcorn
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processed gluten free vegan snack: Hi I’m Skinny Quinoa Sticks

more dry snacks for k! i guess you can say once i started looking for them, there’re not that hard to find. so far i’ve only been focused on savory ones and k doesn’t seem to mind. my latest shopping endeavor led me to these quinoa sticks with chia seeds.

Hi I'm Skinny Quinoa Sticks Continue reading “processed gluten free vegan snack: Hi I’m Skinny Quinoa Sticks”

sweet potato / yam corn mittens

sweet potatoes / yam and corn – what’s not to love? –> recipe on Palatable Palette bump it up a notch with the shape of mittens? yep! since i bought cookie cutters for k’s daycare cooking class but since i’m not … Continue reading sweet potato / yam corn mittens

christmas menu 2014

getting ready for christmas dinner with the family! m is taking care of the main dish so i get to have fun with side dishes and a cute dessert. side dishes zucchini pizza bites • recipe on Palatable Palette sweet … Continue reading christmas menu 2014

italian seasoned baked vegetables

i chose different vegetables than i used for thanksgiving meal 2014-une and grilled them instead of steam. i used the same italian seasoning but to little richer flavor, i added some drippings from the roast chicken i made. –> recipe on Palatable Palette the flavor was a success. YAY! Continue reading italian seasoned baked vegetables

thanksgiving meal 2014 une: daycare

before our family Thanksgiving, k was going to have a Thanksgiving meal with her classmates in daycare! each toddler’s family was asked to bring a dish and they would sit and share a meal together! unfortunately with k’s allergies, she won’t be able to have what her classmates bring in so i wanted to make sure she had a little of everything as well as had some to share.

so here’s my pre-Thanksgiving menu for the five little ones! Continue reading “thanksgiving meal 2014 une: daycare”

italian seasoned steamed vegetables

for a simple vegetable dish, i added three different colored steamed vegetables and then tossed it with some italian seasoning. usually i chose yellow sweet potato / yam for k but since corn is already yellow, i thought it would look nicer if each vegetable was a different color. –> recipe on Palatable Palette Continue reading italian seasoned steamed vegetables

processed gluten free eggless cereal: Nature’s Path Organic Whole O’s Cereal

at k’s daycare, she is the same age as a few other toddlers in the class and the teachers decided since they all started walking, to have them begin potty training. with potty training, they will give them a treat. Nature's Path Organic Whole O's  Cereali have read some give candy but at school they plan to give Cheerios. since Cheerios has wheat and eggs, i needed to find a gluten free vegan alternative.

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processed gluten free eggless snack: Corn Thins

there’s a local natural foods store that i’ve been dependent on recently that i purposely roam through the aisles to see if i can find anything that k can eat. as i have been searching for dry snacks for k’s daycare snack time, i found these:  Real Foods’ Corn Thins. since it’s a processed food, i have to depend on the labels and according to its packaging, it is made from all natural ingredients, gluten free and non GMO.

snacks Corn Thins

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