palatable palette: butter shrimp and cauliflower grits

cauliflower grits just sound delicious and cajun shrimp is a no-brainer but little one is not a fan of cauliflower or shrimp. for some reason i felt that this recipe would change her mind. for little one’s non-spicy palette and … Continue reading palatable palette: butter shrimp and cauliflower grits

processed gluten free vegan snack: Real Deal veggie chips

Real Deal Veggie Chips

i actually first found this brand chips in my local supermarket for a friend of mine – she loves her sriracha hot sauce and this brand had these sriracha flavored chips so i bought them for her and her daughter for fun. i didn’t think twice about giving it to k since she wasn’t going to be ready for spicy foods anytime soon (since her adverse reaction to garlic). Continue reading “processed gluten free vegan snack: Real Deal veggie chips”

thanksgiving meal 2014 deux: family

as for our first family Thanksgiving meal, we sat around the table together, used same plates and served everyone – including k – at the same time. other being than being anxious to eat, as k usually is, i don’t know if she really noticed the difference in how we were eating but it was a nice feeling though nostalgic since it another indicator that she’s becoming a big girl. as usual the end of the meal resulted in an empty plate to our very happy eater despite her food allergies and for that we are always thankful!  menu for Thanksgiving meal … Continue reading thanksgiving meal 2014 deux: family

recipe: butternut squash and green beans


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recipe: apple and green beans


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recipe: sweet potato / yam and green beans

k tolerated the green beans with white potato so i also tried the green beans and sweet potato / yam. the mixture was a hit!

sweet potato / yam and green beansingredients

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recipe: potato and green beans

potato and beans
with two food items under her belt, we can create third meal: a combo dish of potato and beans!


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recipe: milky green beans

per The Wholesome Baby Food Guide when introducing a new food, mix it with milk that baby has been drinking all her life to give him/her a familiar flavor. the food should be runny since s/he can’t chew yet so it’ll be easy to go down.
milky green beans
as smooth as that sounds, you shouldn’t put it in the bottle and have him/her drink it. it is still food and you want him/her to enjoy the beginning of his/her eating experience!


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introducing new foods: green beans

when i think of green beans for kids, i think of soft olive colored overcooked 1-inch beans. i didn’t want to serve that to my child – after all, the nutrients would have been cooked away!

green beansso i made sure i didn’t overcook the beans but that means after i cook them, i need to put it in the food processor for a litter longer to make sure they are ground into fine shreds since baby can’t chew yet. but remember you can save the water used to cook the beans so you don’t lose any of the nutrients! Continue reading “introducing new foods: green beans”